Invisible: the City of Asterion


Immersed in the rhythm of the city, the characters in Invisibles, la ciudad de Asterión have become accustomed to their superstitions and their memory. But whilst they build their routine into the urban landscape around them and lose themselves in the maze of daily life, they are suddenly be surprised by unexpected events which will help them open up to a whole new world of possibilities.

This was one of Teatro a pelo‘s very first pieces, born around the time of FeSt in 2011 and created for the exhibit Esceno y grafías. It is inspired in one of the secnic designs on display —Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman— and presents an urban space that can seem either exterior or interior, depending on how it is traversed by the actors.

In 2016 we decided to revisit the piece, ultimately revamping it with updated language for the grand opening of the Espacio Turina at the Institute for Culture and the Arts of Seville (ICAS). As a result, the same piece was reconfigured as a new performance which included live dance and live sound space.

Data Sheet

Acoustic ambience (live): Alberto Almenara