Melodrama is a piece that works with feelings: most of all the wounds carried by human beings as the greatest source of the pleasure and pain that characterise our experiences in the adventure of life. Melodrama is a process that applies research and performing arts creation to the matters of our modern-day melodramatic society: the wounds and scars we carry with us and the need to embrace our own vulnerability. This project makes its appearance at a moment in which personal stories focus on the positive, true intimacy is fictionalised accross multiple strata, and our stories as a community take on a special social character in post-15M Spanish society.

The premiere of Melodrama took place in February 2019.

Data Sheet

Assistant director: Tatiana Sánchez Garland
Scenic design: Julia Rodríguez
Movement: Silvia Balvín
Music consultancy: Ana Carretero
Music: Lorenzo Soria, Miguel Rivera, Rocío Guzmán, Alberto Almenara
Costume design: Ángela Guerra
Tailoring: Marina Sanz, Isabel Cano, Rosario Casas
Lighting design: Benito Jiménez
Production assistant: Antonio Bonilla
Photography: Miguel Jiménez
Press: Surnames Narradores Transmedia